Monday, September 1, 2008

Wedding Cakes with a Twist

Brides of diverse ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds are increasingly selecting cake designs that reflect their heritage.

Marriage in Asian cultures distinct a woman’s place—as a wife or daughter. Once a husband and wife communion is formed, the couple has more responsibilities and obligations to their families.

Red is especially a dominant color with Chinese tradition and is known to chase away evil spirits. Legend has it that an evil monster named Nian was intimidated by the color red, which became a crucial concept in religious ceremonies today.

Red symbolizes good luck, fortune, prosperity, festive holidays such as Lunar New Year, and happiness. Red is also seen in India, Vietnam and other Asian countries and communities in the States at many joyous events such as weddings and birthdays. The red wedding cake shown tastefully reflects an Asian wedding theme.

Afrocentric wedding cakes are beginning to be seen as more an more weddings where the couple want to reflect their african roots. The cakes shown were made by Charmaine Jones, cakediva, and Anamika, a sugarcrafter and blogger in South Africa. All decorations on both cakes are totally edible! -dg

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